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The Dr Who Time Grrrl Ring       Also see .the Time Ring

If your site has anything to do with the women of Doctor Who or you are a female Dr who fan this is the ring to join.

Current status:

All active sites have been checked and we have no dead links.

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Frame sites must display the code on the page we link to. If you you do not have a loader page then you must create one. The script can not look into your frames to see the code.

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History of this ring.

This ring was originally created by Jennifer Billingsley and was picked up my me sometime in 2000 when it was put up for adoption. Her old website no longer exists but you can view one of its pages in the 1999 archive.

I have kept this ring running for over 6 years but due to the webring going to a pay service and only allowing non paying ringmasters to manage 2 webrings I must now try to give this ring to someone that will keep it alive. If you think you have what it takes contact me on the blog.



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PEAhopeless Doctor Who -based fan fiction
Fan fiction based on the Fourth Doctor and Sarah ... Science fiction, mystery, adventure, paranormal, romance. Warning: alternate universe, alternate canon. (Written by a woman, and women will probably appreciate it most.)

 The Dr Who Time Grrrl Ring Homepage
Official homepage of the Ring.

 The Largest Tom Baker Fan Web Site On The WWW
Almost everything I know about one of England's most talented actors and a former Time Lord, Doctor Who -- Mr. Thomas Stewart Baker. Come and see what 1200+ pages can hold.

 The Melanie Bush Web Page
A web page devoted to the best companion of them all! The red-headed computer programmer who accompanied the sixth and seventh Doctors through time and space.

 Focus On Authors: Bernice Summerfield
A page devoted to Bernice Summerfield and her adventures in books. Benny is a former companion of Doctor Who but now she has adventures of her own.

 Who is the Time Lady?
Info on the Time lady Romana 1, links to episodes she was in, a comprehensive list of other Romana sites on the web, my favorite Doctor Who links, and Who animation.

 StarCrossed: Mysts of Time
A subsite of StarCrossed. Contains fanfiction and graphics created by a female fan. Come and have a look round...enjoy!

 Ms. Doctor
A collection of links and material concerning female versions or incarnations of the main character from the Doctor Who TV series. In other words, a female Doctor page.

 Valkyrie's Dr. Who Tattoo and Vegetarian Recipes
My tattoo unveiled at "Visions 96," clubs, pix, thoughts on the ending of "Dalek Invasion of Earth," 6 Degrees of DW, more. Homepage: Vegetarian recipes, recycling tips, Oberstein (my hometown in Germany), legends, sagas & fairy tales, the cat, being a scorpio, paganism, Led Zeppelin, Alan Rickman, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Sean Bean. More.

 The One and Only Doctor Number Four
This site is dedicated to the Fourth Doctor, and has hundreds of screen captures, many wallpapers, 490+ avatars, fun captions, icons, and more!

 Custom Scarves
We knit Dr Who scarves (since 1998)

 K9's Companion Web Site
K9's Web Site -- K9's links to DOG things -- K9's links to COMPUTER things --K9's color guide to wallPAPERS -- K9's sound BITES -- Get the idea?