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All sites joining The Time Ring must go by the following rules.
  1. You must place the NAV code on the page we link to. Frame sites should take care to use the test link to double check that the robot can see your code.
  2. All sites must be Dr Who related.
  3. Pages that are nothing more than a Amazon linking page may be rejected. You do need content.
  4. No hiding the NAV code from surfers. When a ring visitor comes to your site he must be able to find the NAV code.
  5. Frames sites must take care that the next site is not opened inside your frames.
  6. You now must have the NAV code on your site or your site will be rejected.
  7. If you remove the NAV code from your site the system will warn you and I will then delete your site after about a month.

Advanced users that do not want to use the JAVA linking code should visit The Home Page after signup for the HTML non-java versions of the NAV code. Take extra care if you use HTML and are a member of more than 1 webring  that you do not confuse viewers. They need to be able to tell which ring they are surfing.


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